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FreeData ERP is a free ERP software to manage Finance, Organization Data, Inventory, Procurement, Documents, Payroll
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12 June 2013

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This is an enterprise wide integrated application that is available free.

This enterprise wide solution has financial accounting, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and document management functions built-in. This solution is available free to use. Financial Management module covers functionalities such as accounts payable and receivable, bank and cash management, bank reconciliations, cheque printing, general ledger, expense management, financial reporting from daybook to balance sheet, etc. Procurement management features include inventory management functionalities. Together with warehouse management tool, this application gives the user complete control on materials management. Procurement related features available are sales & sales returns, invoicing, inventory management, purchase orders, purchase & purchase returns as also wastage/damage Management. Warehouse and store management features include goods receipt, warehouse reporting, inventory tracking etc. Manufacturing support features include master production scheduling. Functionalities of document management cover features for converting paper to scanned documents. Document indexing, categorization and grouping helps efficient filing. Related documents could be linked up easily. It includes the Open Office writer and reader for ease of editing. Conversion of scanned documents into editable documents is supported.

The important feature of version control is supported by the tool. Reminders and alerts are available. The interface is simple enough that no significant training is required. On activation, the developers will provide an activation key that enable free use and enable updates and upgrades free over lifetime. Administrative tasks, including security settings for users, are simplified through the interface. The application has extensive functionalities and is worth a try for enterprise users. The biggest feature is that it is free. This is a very good product.

Publisher's description

FreeData ERP was launched after receiving sufficient enquiries from our existing business partners regarding an enterprise level software for free od cost. After conducting a system study we developed a solution which can be termed as a micro level ERP solution which contains modules to manage Financial Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Human Resources and Document Management. Detail Features of FreeData ERP are given below. 1. Human Capital Management, Organizational Management, Employee Management, Time & Leave Management, Payroll Management. 2. Financial Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank & Cash Management, Bank Reconciliation, Cheque Printing, Assets Management, General Ledger, Expense Management, Financial Reporting from Daybook to Balance Sheet. 3. Procurement Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Orders, Purchase & Purchase Returns, Sales & Sales Returns, Invoicing,Wastage/Damage Management. 4. Warehouse/Store Management, Goods Receiving, Warehouse Reporting, Inventory Tracking. 5. Manufacturing/Maintenance Management, Master Production Scheduling, Work Allocation. 6. Document Management, Integrated Scanning to DMS, Document Categorization / Grouping, Document Relationship, Version Control, Document Conversion, Integrated Openoffice writer & reader. 7. Reminders. 8. Administration, User Level Security
FreeData ERP
FreeData ERP
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